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Neil McGill

Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor

Hi, my name is Neil McGill and I’m a personal trainer and fitness instructor, born and raised in Scotland, now enjoying life in Uppsala, Sweden.



Train with me from anywhere in the world. With a video link I can show you exercise techniques, support your workout and remotely guide you to spiritual bliss.
Meet with me in person at Campus 1477 in Uppsala where I will use my expertise and experience to instruct, encourage and guide you in your fitness growth.
As an MX-4 instructor at Campus 1477, I enhance your power, cardio, strength and endurance in a small group setting. To book and find out more, click on the link below!

Client Reviews

Read some of the reivews from the Hare Bear community!
“It’s been tough being consistent with training and keeping a good schedule that has a nice balance for work. Since I joined Hare Bear PT I’ve experienced a much easier way to approach my daily schedule! Hare Bear PT is the way to go, great energy and positive vibes!”

“A super nice, friendly and professional PT with his tough, hardcore and challenging sessions – have been training with Neil for months, so much fun and joy!”

“Neil has made training for me fun and rewarding both physically and mentally with his kind approach! I can’t recommend his training enough.”